Friday, March 29, 2013

Welcome To TVWooz!

Hi Woozens of the Internet!
You've been lucky enough to come across the brand new Woozworld blog: TVWooz!

On one ordinary day, two friends talking on Facebook...

TennisChampion: Why not do a blog together?
Victortthegreat: Uh....Sure! Why not..xD
TennisChampion: Ok so, what should we name it?
Victortthegreat: Let's see...


TennisChampion: I still can't figure it out!
Victortthegreat: Well...we should combine both our names maybe? 
TennisChampion: Great idea xD
Victortthegreat: Ten-Vic, Vic-Ten, VICTOR AND TENNIS...AHH I DONT KNOW!
TennisChampion: I know...TV Woozworld!
Victortthegreat: TVWooz!
TennisChampion: That sounds AMAZING. Perfect!
Victortthegreat: :D

So, that's a little history behind the site. We plan to inform and inspire our readers! TVWooz will be updated daily with breaking news, exciting photos, creative videos and so much more! Be prepared for awesomeness. Remember to check all the sidebars for useful information like links to various websites, youtube channels, facebook pages, twitter accounts, and soooooo much more! 

We are currently starting with only the two of us blogging and owning the site, however we are planning to invite more people to blog in the future.



We really hope you enjoy this site and all of its posts and entertainment!

Untill next time,
TennisChampion & Victortthegreat